We value positive relations that focus on mutual respect and honesty

About Us

Repiit has a solid background from publishing industri and was established in 2008 under the name Susema. With 10 years' experience in subscription and membership management, we developed a reliable, innovative and user-friendly system based on Navision C5 and Microsoft SQL. We are owned by private investors and are headquartered in Kolding, Denmark with sales offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm. We are active in all the Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


We value positive relations that focus on mutual respect and honesty. We believe that these are the best foundation for creating thriving, motivated and strong partnerships and for our staff. We listen to you and take a genuine interest in our customers. In fact, we put ourselves in the customer's shoes, and go the extra mile to address challenges and optimize processes in cooperation with you. If the customer is happy, so are we! We work hard on behalf of, and with, our customers and we are dedicated to achieving positive results



Repiit develops, maintains and offers subscription and membership systems and consultancy services with the aim of creating greater loyalty and higher turnover and income for our customers. Repiit customers fall into the following four segments:

  • Media companies with online or print products and subscribers/members
  • E-shops that either already have subscription customers or would like to develop these
  • NGOs or associations with members and regular contributors
  • Other entities requiring access management for their members/subscribers (login management)



From our base in Denmark, Repiit aims to attain the position of leading provider of subscription and membership management services in Northern Europe.


Careers at Repiit

Our main office in Kolding, Jutland is located in a lovely position in the old Kringsgård buildings, which have been fitted out in contemporary style to provide an inspiring, healthy work environment. You will meet a team of skilled, enthusiastic workers who are flexible about meeting times; we believe in a good balance between work and leisure! Repiit currently employs eight people in the areas of sales, customer services, IT and accounting. Our finances are healthy and we are fully prepared to take up the opportunities and meet the challenges of the future.



Repiit does not currently have any open vacancies, but please feel free to send an unsolicited application to job@repiit.com